1. Interpretation. Throughout these bye-laws the following expressions have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them: ‘the Council’ means the County Council of the Administrative County of East Sussex: ‘the Park’ means the area of the Seven Sisters Country Park at Exceat to which the public is allowed access: ‘Ranger’ means the person responsible for carrying out the duties of a Warden in the Park defined in the Countryside Act 1968.

2. Vehicles. No person shall in the park drive a mechanically propelled vehicle in such a manner as to be likely to cause danger to other persons using the Park or in any event at a speed exceeding 10 m.p.h.

3. Limitation of Access. An Area not exceeding one-fifth of the Park may at any one time be excluded from the right of the public to access and no person shall without written authority from the Council be admitted to such an area where notice to keep out has been placed.

4. Fires. No person shall in the Park light any fire or stove elsewhere than in an area indicated by notices as being available for camping or so as to be likely to cause damage by fire to anything in the Park place or throw or let fall any lighted match or other substance or thing in or among or near to grass, fern, bushes, trees or crops.

5. Dogs and other animals. No person shall cause or suffer any dog or animal belonging to him or in his charge to enter or remain in the Park unless such dog or other animal be and continue to be under proper control, and be effectively restrained from causing annoyance to any person and from worrying or disturbing any animal or bird.

6. Firearms, etc. No person shall in the Park without lawful authority fire or discharge any firearm.

7. Protection of Animals. No person shall in the Park kill, take, molest or wilfully disturb any animal, bird or fish or take or injure any egg or nest or engage in hunting, shooting or fishing, or the setting or traps or nets or the laying of snares. Provided that this bye-law shall not apply to any person or persons who have been expressly permitted by the Council to engage in fox hunting, beagling, fishing or falconry and who have observed the terms or the express permission so granted by the Council.

8. Hedges, walls etc. No person shall climb any wall, hedge or fence in or enclosing the Park.

9. Grazing. No person shall turn out to graze or permit to graze in the Park any cattle, sheep, horse, donkey, goat or other animal except with the written consent of the Council.

10. Riding. Where any part of the Park has by notices affixed in a conspicuous position in the Park been set apart by the Council as a place where horse riding is permitted a person shall not except in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege ride a horse in any other part of the Park. Provided that this bye-law shall not apply to any person or persons permitted by the Council to engage in foxhunting in pursuance of the provision to bye-law 7.

11. Camping and Caravanning. No person shall in the Park without lawful authority camp or erect a tent or use any vehicle including a caravan as sleeping accommodation or occupy such a vehicle over-night.

12. Musical performance. No person shall in the Park give or take in any musical performance or hold any entertainment to the annoyance of other persons using the Park.

13. Stone throwing. No person shall in the Park wilfully, carelessly or negligently throw, roll or discharge any stone or other missile so as to cause, to be likely to cause, injury, danger or annoyance to any person, or injury danger or molestation to any animal.

14. Model aircraft. No person shall in the Park fly any model aircraft driven by the combustion of petrol vapour or of any other substance.

15. Public meetings. No person shall in the Park hold any public meeting or deliver any public speech.

16. Disturbance and obstruction. No person shall in the Park wilfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt or annoy any other person in the proper use of the Park or wilfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt or interfere with the Park Ranger in the proper execution of his duty, or any other person authorised by the Council in the Proper execution of any work in connection with the laying out or maintenance of the Park.

17. Public property. No person shall in the Park:
(i)affix or cause to be affixed without lawful authority any advertisement, bill, placard or other notice upon any building, wall, fence, gate, door, pillar, tree or post.
(ii)wilfully, carelessly or negligently remove or displace any barrier, railing, post, or seat or any erection or ornament, or any implement provided for use in the laying out or maintenance of the Park.

18. Stalls, etc. No person shall in the Park:
(i)except with lawful authority erect any post, rail, fence, pole, tent, booth, stand, building or other structure.
(ii)sell, or offer, or expose for sale, or let to hire or offer, or expose for letting to hire, any commodity or article, unless in pursuance of an agreement with the Council.

19. Pollution of Water. No person shall wilfully, carelessly or negligently foul or pollute any lake, pond, river, stream, ditch or other water in the Park.

20. Obstruction of Water Course. No person shall obstruct the flow of any drain or water course or open, shut or otherwise interfere with, any sluice gate, or other similar apparatus, in the Park.

21. Gates. Where the Council or the occupier of land in the Park on which a gate is situated with the approval of the Council, have indicated by a notice conspicuously place on or by the gate that leaving the gate open is prohibited, no person having opened the gate or caused it to be opened shall thereupon leave it open.

22. Saving clause. An act necessary to the proper execution of his duty in the Park by an officer of the County Council or by any person or servant of any person employed by or acting with the authority of the County Council shall not be deemed an offence against the bye-laws.

23. Penalty. Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing bye-laws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £20 (Twenty pounds).

Made by East Sussex County Council under Section 41 of the Countryside Act
Confirmed by the Secretary of State 18th May 1973.

Seven Sisters Country Park